Hildegard Hahn - Waves - Reflections - Fragments


This exhibition is part of a larger plan.






It is an attempt to demonstrate the relationship between science and art. We used to understand our world as micro and macro cosmoses until in the 20th century we began to explain it with the help of quantum mechanics and astrophysics. The exploration of the internal and exterior realms, of the smallest particle as the basis all possible worlds, of the reciprocity between matter, energy and time all have changed our perception. Hence, our familiar world has become more abstract and less tangible. Yet there are still more questions than answers, but as human beings once more we have to reconsider our position in creation.

Scientists and artists shared very early on a desire to put the unknown - the not catalogued but possible - in their imagination and visions into concrete forms or terms. In general, scientists use in empirical methods, real is what can be observed or can be proven with mathematical formulas and logical conclusions.

Artists produce images, easily perceptible, concrete representations although, at the end of the day, they still are only illusions. Traditionally they had to deal with a two or three dimensional order. For several decades now can we include sound and sequences of images in our work and so not only achieve optical and aesthetic results, but offer other sensual experiences by stimulating an increased area of perception in the nervous system.

Even if only for an instant, like Doctor Faustus and many of the upright walking inhabitants of earth, would I like to capture the meaning of life. This is likely to remain a yearning. However I am pursuing my other big desire, to grasp some of the varied conclusion reached by scientists and other knowledgeable people and represent it in my work, with great endurance and pleasure.

I hope that visitors look at my work with an open mind for the unknown, the coded and with a willingness for dialogue so that the relationship between science and art can emerge through work: an attempt to make what is invisible in our real world tangible with static or moving images.

The exhibition was opened in the Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología , Las Palmas de Gran Canaria June 26th until August 16th, ,2009






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